Stocking Stuffers

Small enough to fit in a stocking, big enough for fun for the whole family! 

Tattoo Playing Cards – Give your favorite card games a stylish new look with Tattoo Playing Cards, featuring illustrations of 54 tattoo symbols from around the world. (Now Available; $14.99) 
Black Heroes: A Go Fish Card Game – Collect illustrated cards of 44 of the most inspirational Black figures of all time including Spike Lee, Kara Walker and Mae Jemison. This game will inspire children and parents to celebrate Black history and discover new Black heroes! (Now Available; $11.99) 
 We Are Family: Go Fish Game for Modern Families –Celebrate non-traditional families with this fun and modern take on the classic Go Fish card game. (Now Available; $11.99) 
The Puzzle of Love: A Little Gradient Jigsaw
 – This mesmerizing 150-piece gradient puzzle focuses on the emotion of love. (Now Available; $12.99) 
Ways of Looking at Art: 50 Cards to Shift Your Perspective
 – Transform your relationship to art with 50 illustrated cards, each offering a different, accessible approach to looking at art, from graffiti to sculpture, painting to tapestry, and more. (Now Available; $16.99) 
The Little Book of Ick: 500 Reasons to Get Over Them – for Good – Split into chapters that chart all the stages of finding love, this book is a collection of 500 hilarious icks: some you will have already encountered, all ready for you to use when you need to get over someone - qu-ick-ly! (Oct.; $16.99) 
The Marina Abramović Method: Instruction Cards to Reboot Your Life – A unique, boxed set of 30 instruction cards by Marina Abramović to teach you this legend of performance art's method for reaching a higher consciousness and confronting life's challenges. (Now Available; $19.99) 

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