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Fashion Design Research Second Edition

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  • Published: Jan 13 2022
  • Pages: 208
  • 580 g
  • 248 x 190mm
  • ISBN: 9781913947668
Regular price $40.00
Regular price Sale price $40.00

Press Reviews

  • Sharon Porteous, NSCG Newcastle College
    A good balance of visual and written language. A comprehensive study with a clear and inviting format.
  • Sunhyung Cho, Iowa State University
    The book contains a clear view about the ever-changing fashion industry. Also, it provides useful information and resources about job positions related to the topic.
  • Stephanie Carlo, Stephens College
    Information provided is precise, easy to understand and easy to read.
  • Surena Primus, Leeds Arts University
    This great book provides the fashion student with everything they need to understand the concept of research as a means to ideas generation and development. This modern, visual book is clearly formatted, and guides the reader through the processes required for concept generation including: mind-mapping, sketchbooks, and working on the stand. The activities and case studies are relevant to the topics being discussed, but the final chapter, Concept Development, pulls the whole book together nicely, bringing it to a logical, sound conclusion. This book will remain relevant for a long time.
  • Katie Roe, Leeds Arts University
    This book is excellent for students who are learning about designing and building a portfolio - it is very easy and clear to read with great visuals. It supports the way in which I teach students and having come from industry myself the book gives a good/realistic approach to how designers work in the industry. A very informative book.
  • Charlotte Stacey, South & City College, Birmingham, UK
    The book is informative and practical. The layout is inspiring and the text is easy to follow. Since social media I find the students struggle with the concept of research and why they need to conduct it. This book explains exactly how and why it is important. The sections it is split into are easy to digest with strong linking imagery. I particularly like the explanation of triangulation, the importance of primary and secondary research and how it is linked to case studies showing how this links into the final collections. The case studies are interesting and relevant designers. There are elements within the book that I think sometimes students forget are forms of research, such as colour theory and sampling; being shown how to document this is really interesting.
  • Jessica Lench-Hammonds, South & City College, Birmingham, UK
    This is an excellent resource for students. I particularly think that the following points are why my learners would benefit from this book: Easy to follow the research, design and making process. Strong layout and imagery to inspire learners. Inspiring case studies.