• Copywriting Third Edition by Gyles Lingwood, Mark Shaw
  • Copywriting Third Edition by Gyles Lingwood, Mark Shaw
  • Copywriting Third Edition by Gyles Lingwood, Mark Shaw
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  • Copywriting Third Edition by Gyles Lingwood, Mark Shaw

Copywriting Third Edition

Successful writing for design, advertising and marketing
  • Authors
    • Gyles Lingwood
    • Mark Shaw
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  • Published: Oct 11 2022
  • Pages: 240
  • 640 g
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781529420241
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Press Reviews

  • Massimo Alvito, ISIA Design, Florence
    This is the only available systematic and comprehensive copywriting manual.
  • Brian Minards, School of Advertising, Academy of Art University, San Francisco
    Significantly revised and updated, this third edition covers so much more than simply writing. It considers the integration of strategy with the creative process and articulates the stages necessary for successful communication, using excellent examples and illustrations. An inspiring and essential book for everyone interested in improving the way they write.
  • Elliott Starr, Head of Copy at 20something
    Communications are bridges for connecting businesses with people. The options we have for building those bridges are growing by the day. The trouble is, you still have to have something relevant to say, and you have to say it well. This book will show you how. I wish 18-year-old me had had it.
  • Steve Spence, London College of Communication
    We can all kick a ball, but we're not all Messi. We can all write, but we're not all great writers. In this superb textbook, Gyles Lingwood and Mark Shaw help explain how and why writing powerful, accessible and persuasive copy is so tough, yet conversely so achievable. If you want to understand what it is to be a writer in the modern advertising, branding and design industries, this book is a must read. It's little wonder that it's required reading across the UK's creative courses.
  • Nikhil Narayanan, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy India
    I usually struggle when young aspirants ask me to recommend books on copywriting. My usual answer is: 'Read more. Go through ads from across the world. Research.' The next time someone asks, this book will give me a better, fresher answer.
    Recommended to design and engineering students to aid in the craft and structuring of written content for varied audiences and platforms. The social media angle is particularly prominent in this publication, great for communicating with disparate communities and towards building a brand.