• Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum
  • Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum
  • Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum
  • Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum
  • Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum
  • Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum
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  • Circular Fashion by Peggy Blum

Circular Fashion

Making the Fashion Industry Sustainable
  • Author
    • Peggy Blum
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  • Published: Apr 20 2021
  • Pages: 176
  • 520 g
  • 228 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781786278876
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Press Reviews

  • Noel Palomo-Lovinski - Kent State University

    It encompasses a wide swath of information on the subject.
  • Jodi Hartmann - Marist College

    Explains how to be sustainable and gives insight to create product.
  • Alison Davies - Cardiff Met University

    It shows how urgent and important understanding Sustainability in fashion is.
  • Wendy Moody - Anglia Ruskin University

    A great book.
  • Jenny Auld

    Legible Blog
    Circular Fashion is an eminently readable analysis of the social and environmental impact of every aspect of the textile and clothing industry [...] There is a stunning depth of research in Circular Fashion and some fun discoveries along the way as well. Because of this book I started to follow innovative designers [....] I really enjoyed the section that lists all of the conventional materials used for clothing production and unpacks their pros and cons, as well as the fascinating discussion of innovative materials (like those made from potato peels, mushrooms, oranges, and pineapples), and forward-looking, sustainable processes like green chemistry and digital finishing.
  • Corinna Budnarowska

    International Journal of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles
    This book... has become a bookshelf go-to for me in both my personal reflection of my own fashion consumption practice and my professional practice as a fashion educator. Blum sets the tone as one of realism but with a clear sense of optimism that the fashion industry and fashion consumers can do better... I would highly recommend this book to fashion academics, educators and anyone involved in the business of fashion, alongside fashion consumers that want to reflect upon their consumption behaviour and make some positive changes to it. Blum offers not only hope but viable business solutions to creating a more circular fashion movement.
  • Consider Beyond
    Peggy Blum's Circular Fashion is for anyone who loves fashion. Fashion being the second leading cause to waste and pollution, the book dives into specific case studies of fashion companies that are on a mission to create more ethical and low-impact clothing cycles. From business decisions to a detailed breakdown of the production process of the supply chain, this book will equip you with what circular fashion really means.