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A Greener Life

Discover the joy of mindful and sustainable gardening
  • Author
    • Jack Wallington
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  • Published: Mar 03 2022
  • Pages: 192
  • 740 g
  • 242 x 176mm
  • ISBN: 9780857828934
Regular price $24.99
Regular price Sale price $24.99

Press Reviews

  • Louise Curley, Gardens Illustrated
    Wallington's passion for sustainability is woven throughout A GREENER LIFE...... Practical know-how is explained in an approachable way, which makes it a good introduction for those new to gardening. For more experienced gardeners, there's inspiration for making a beautiful biodiverse outdoor space.
  • RHS The Garden magazine
    Conversational, interesting, and personal ... it reaffirms the link between what we love to do and why we should be doing it with nature, the planet and our health in mind.
    This is a clearly presented work, with accessible topic headings and plenty of good advice sprinkled with engaging personal anecdotes. The message at the book's heart is to adopt a greener way of being and to see oneself as part of nature, not removed from it. On this point it is exceptional, distinguishing itself from many of the green gardening books written in recent years.