Story Board

Story Board

Introducing our range of magical myrioramas – a parlour game with (almost) infinite possibilities that's fantastic fun for players of all ages


Despite the incredibly sophisticated range of games on offer today, myrioramas still hold a fascination. The unique format – with cards which can be placed together in any order to form different scenes– gives rise to endless combinations and seems to really capture our imagination.

The very first myriorama was designed by Jean-Pierre Brès and appeared in France in the early 1820s. The unusual format instantly took off, and it soon became a popular parlour game across Europe. In the UK, the first myriorama was published in 1824 by Samuel Leigh and designed by the landscape and war artist John Heaviside Clark (aka John Clark of London). The sixteen delicately hand-colored cards featured picturesque English and Scottish landscapes, dotted with mountains, lakes and ruins.

The twenty trillion (20,922,789,888,000 to be exact) possible combinations blew the minds of the Georgian public and the game was described by the Morning Chronicle as “One of the most diversified and exhaustless inventions for variety and pleasing amusement that has hitherto appeared.”

Our beautifully drawn myrioramas also act as storytelling cards to help you craft intriguing tales, set in creepy woods, a mysterious mansion and a scary sci-fi landscape. Discover for yourself in the video below…


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