Nonfiction Books for Kids

Nonfiction Books for Kids

Did you know that November is National Nonfiction Month? While we love escaping into a fictional fantasy land, books about the actual world around us are just as, if not more, fascinating. At Laurence King, we’ve always sought to publish beautifully illustrated nonfiction books that captivate young readers and spark curiosity about art, culture, science, and more. Below are a few of our most recent nonfiction favourites from the fall list. There’s plenty more to discover on our website, together with downloadable materials and videos from the authors themselves under the downloads tab of each book. Happy reading!


The Homes We Build showcases the dwellings humans have built across the world to suit all kinds of habitats. Learn about the structures that people have called home from stilt houses and igloos to tree houses and skyscrapers. This book will get kids thinking critically about the architecture they see in their communities.

From the creation of the stars, through the evolution of plants and animals, the dawn of the dinosaurs, and on towards the first humans, early civilizations, empires, and technology, The History of Everything in 32 Pages will take you through the history of, well, everything that has happened in the last 13.8 billion years.

All over the world, wherever there's water, there are stories, legends and eyewitness accounts of mermaids. People have written, sung and passed on rumours about the mythical water dwelling creatures since ancient times. The Mermaid Atlas is a gorgeously illustrated new book that includes everything you wanted to know about the history of mermaid lore from across the globe.

From the West African fable of Anansi the Spider to Michabo, the magical hare who rebuilt the world, and Tanuki, the sweet but troublesome raccoon-dog of Japanese folklore, Mythopedia is an encyclopedia of mythical creatures that covers legends, tales, and myths from different cultures around the world.

If your child is a science enthusiast, don’t miss Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, an accessible illustrated guide to the concept of relativity and the impact of the brilliant Albert Einstein’s world changing ideas.

Green Nation Revolution is the highly anticipated follow-up to We Are All Greta which explores what must happen next to fight climate change. From the economy and new professions to advanced technology and sustainable start-ups, learn how the world needs to change in order to secure its future, and find out what role you can play in that change.

For teen readers, learn about the fascinating life of famous Japanese artist and polka dot queen Yayoi Kusama in Kusama: The Graphic Novel. Follow her incredible journey in this vivid graphic biography which details her bold departure from Japan as a young artist, her embrace of the buzzing New York art scene in the 1960s, and her eventual return home and rise to twenty-first-century super-fame.


Whatever piques your interest, will you join us in pledging to read some fascinating nonfiction this month?




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