Meet the Illustrator: Victor Nunes

Meet the Illustrator: Victor Nunes

Victor Nunes is the Brazilian illustrator is known for combining his illustrations with everyday objects, he is also the illustrator behind The Drawing Game!

Victor's creative and innovative illustrations play on pareidolia, using everyday objects and simple tools have become his trademark and resulted in his drawings becoming a viral success.

We asked him to share his tips, the secrets behind his inventive doodles and the process of publishing his new book!


Your book The Drawing Game has recently published and is filled with creative prompts and illustrations, where do you get the inspiration for your illustrations?

Firstly, I find drawing amazing therapy and secondly it's a great way to have fun! I try to surprise myself in each and every piece of art, which is always a big challenge.



Tell us about how  you first started and how you started your Facebook page Victor Nunes Faces?

The first time I posted a creative work was on my Facebook page, I was using daily materials. I received so many likes, comments and I enjoyed people's reaction, I've kept posting since then. After that I created my fan page on Facebook and post only creative content on there!


You recently published The Drawing Game, what was the experience like creating the book?

I have thought about making a book before, but only when the Laurence King proposal came about I realized how interesting it would be to have an interactive book, where anyone could draw and learn from it and this was the main reason behind the book. I really enjoyed the result!


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Which illustration from the book did you have the best time working on?

Every artist is like a father with several kids and likes all of them very much, with just few slight differences, but the work I had loads of fun with was the popcorn.


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You mentioned you like to work with everyday objects, what are your go-to drawing tools and materials to work with?

The material I use are the day to day ones, simple objects that I have easy access to food, nature, everything I see I use as an inspiration. I use a black pen or a pencil, sometimes crayons but always in a very simple way, with not too much detail because I believe the creatives ideas are what should be showed off the most.


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You have had a varied career having been an illustrator in advertising, an art director and then a creative director. What would your advice be to anyone trying to become a professional in the art world?

Firstly, I believe you need to be not only talented but that talent needs to be faceted daily, meaning you need to put loads of effort and try to learn new techniques needed for the profession. Practice and work constantly in order to improve, enjoy what you are doing and have fun! Finally, try to find any opportunity in order to use the faceted talent.


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