Meet Space Guardian

Meet Space Guardian

Our very own superhero, Space Guardian – the brains behind the awesome The Superhero Handbook has taken some time out of his super-busy world-saving schedule to answer our questions. Buckle up…


Greetings Space Guardian.



Can you tell us a bit about your particular superpower?

As you know my superpower is quite awesome. Through the power of intergalactic strength, I am able to stop potentially cataclysmic asteroids crashing into Earth and destroying all known life, by applying a swift uppercut and shattering the speeding menaces into tiny harmless pieces.

I can also get tight lids off jam jars.


How did you first discover that you possessed your power? Was it a surprise? Have you gone public?

It was after an exploratory trip to Mars and during the return flight we flew through a cosmic mist that momentarily disorientated all the spacecraft's instruments, and indeed, ourselves. Back on Earth I discovered I had superhuman strength when I accidentally walked through a brick wall. The neighbors were very understanding.

The rest of the crew also came back with strange powers. The co-pilot can turn herself into a liquid at will, while the flight engineer has become invisible and hasn't been seen for a while. We'll go public when he decides to reappear.


What’s your superpower symbol? And can you describe your current outfit?

My symbol is the planet Saturn with a lightning bolt going through it. I have it emblazoned across my chest.

My current outfit is a Kevlar/acrylic blend in a lovely midnight blue with boots, gloves and utility belt all in a fetching orange patent leather. I also have a galactic helmet that I wear for my cosmic missions. It's also orange.

Can you tell us a bit about your superhero tool belt, and your favourite super gadget?

It has all the necessary tools one would need for saving the world, like a cordless cosmic drill and a space monkey-wrench but my favourite gadget is a 'Black Hole' filler which comes with three settings - small, medium and large.


What would you say are the three most important attributes for a top-level superhero?

To be ever vigilant, ever ready… and always have a spare outfit.


Are there any downsides to being a superhero?

Being ever vigilant and ever ready and always having a spare outfit. It can be quite exhausting.

If you could have an additional superpower, what would it be?

8 hours of blissful sleep in 8 seconds, so I'd always be refreshed and ready to take on another day (and night's) superhero work.


Do you have a message for any aspiring superheroes out there?

Careful what you wish for. Being awesome is an important job full of responsibilities.

Superhero Snap is out now and you can find lots more of Space Guardian's adventures in the books here.


Head here to start creating your very own superhero.


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