Make it Happen in 2019

Make it Happen in 2019

It's 2019. Can you remember where you imagined you'd be in 2020?

Earning a living off your creative passions? Nurturing your hobbies as part of a committed weekly routine? Gracing the homepage of Creative Review? If you're not quite there yet, we don't blame you – pursuing a creative calling has never been easy.

To support you in getting the most out of your creativity in 2019, we've solicited expert advice from some of the most successful artists, authors and designers we know.

Take these nuggets of wisdom on board and browse a curated selection of our books - practical guides to various creative pursuits. Our hand-selected collections 'Make, Learn and Do' will assist you whether you're on the cusp of finishing a longterm project, ready to commit to learning something new, or looking to dabble in a yet-to-be-defined hobby.

By 2020, you'll be happy you started now.

"Strive towards things you don’t know or understand as a way of moving your work forward and being more creative."

Marion Deuchars

Royal Designer for Industry and author of the best-selling Let's Make Some Great Art series.

"Once you get onto the page, everything you write will be unique. So get onto the page, and see where it takes you."

Ross Raisin

Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and author of God's Own Country and Read This if You Want to Be a Great Writer

"It’s easy to start things – harder to finish. Set yourself a project a day, then a project a week, then a project a month."

Henry Carroll

Author, photographer and creator of the best-selling Read This series and the upcoming children's book Be a Super Awesome Photographer.

"Great ideas are insistent, they stick in your mind demanding action. Act and you could discover ideas gold!"

John Ingledew

Author of How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinkinand The A–Z of Visual Ideas.

"If you want to write, paint, craft or do anything creative, you must have a physical space that supports your passion."

Sally Coulthard

Author of The Little Book of Building Fires, The Hedgehog Handbook and How to Build a Shed.

"The only barriers to taking a stab at your own film are the limits of your imagination. Don't be put off by a lack of technical knowledge."

Matt Thrift

Film writer, actor and author of The Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie

"To become a successful designer, you'll need an understanding of fashion history, an appreciation of the technical aspects of design and a limitless passion to create."

Francesca Sterlacci

Founder of The University of Fashion, the largest online fashion design video library in the world and author of Sewing, Pattern Making and Draping.

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