Introducing… Invisible Light

Introducing… Invisible Light

Say hello to a brand new Jason Ford Superhero, inspired by Molly, age 11


One of our most favourite things in the LKP Children’s office is hearing from the young readers and creators that are inspired by our books. We were lucky enough to receive a very interesting letter  – from a young reader who wanted to explain to us why one of our books didn’t quite meet her expectations – and we wanted to share this story with you …

Molly, who is 11, had written to say:

I currently attend Junior school, however soon I will be leaving for Secondary. Surely you want for girls of my age to be confident in themselves (especially in such big transition). In my opinion your Super Hero Book for Superheroes does not support that, as there are no ladies as the superhero models. I find this offensive as to me it feels like you’re saying only men can be heroes.

I am sure this is not the case because the book itself is very helpful.

So in the future, please consider using both boys and girls in your books.

Girls need positive role models too.


Now, the book that Molly was talking about did only have male superheroes, but later books in the series had realised that there was a very important gap in the superheroes represented and there were lots of female superheroes to help inspire girls (and boys!) too…

Take a look here:



But this wasn’t enough for Molly – she had already set to work, and inspired by Jason Ford’s world of superheroes had created her very own. She told us so much about this new character, that we knew just what we had to do… and Jason Ford delivered spectacularly. We’re delighted to introduce you to:


Invisible Light

Drawn for Molly by Jason Ford


And here’s Molly’s description of her clever, nocturnal crime-fighting, time-bending hero…

This midnight champion is a nocturnal hero – solving crimes, fighting baddies all in the cover of darkness…

Name: Invisible Light

Superpower: She has the incredible power of controlling light, travel at the speed of light, stop time, invisibility, cleverness…

Description: Cloaked in midnight blue this figure lurks in the shadows sporting a Lycra blue suit and an inky black eye mask. This hero has the power to stop time and travel at the speed of light resulting in many achievements for this wondrous woman. However, all heroes have villains; Blackstone and his sidekick Condo.

What she does: Invisible light is not only a great superhero but no one knows who she really is, during her daytime life she needs as much sleep and rest as she can, ready for the night ahead. Her nights are spent protecting society against evil. She also has two kids and a husband, Paul, who’s really a hero named Fire Bane.

Each day brings a new challenge for Invisible Light…


We’re sure you agree with us when we say that we think Molly has a bright future – we can’t wait to see where her creativity, her belief in equality and strong sense of what is right takes her next.

Feeling inspired? Then why not share your own superhero creations with us on Twitter here?

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