Draw and Discover with Yasmeen Ismail

Draw and Discover with Yasmeen Ismail

Yasmeen Ismail’s Draw And Discover books Happy Sad, Feeling GladInside, Outside, Upside Down and Push, Pull, Empty, Full are the perfect way to help young readers explore their feelings and express themselves with drawings, doodles and decorations.

Make a creative start in exploring the world with your young reader, with our free downloadable activities featuring Cat, Dog, Donkey, Bear, Duck and Rabbit, with 12 different challenges and colouring-in tasks to inspire.

Activity time!

Meet the stars of Yasmeen's books Dog, Donkey, Bear, Duck and Rabbit. They’re here to help you explore the world and inspire you to take on some brand-new challenges…

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It’s time to let your imagination run free – download these fun activity sheets now!

Yasmeen Ismail – PDF – 1Mb

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