Mind, Body, Spirit Enthusiasts

There’s no better gift than a healthy mind and body. 

Find Your Animal: A Spiritual Guide to Self-discovery
 – Connect with your animal guardian and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment in this guide to discovering a source of power, protection, and wisdom. (Now Available; $17.99) 
Angels for the Modern Mystic: 44 Cards with Healing Powers
 – Bestselling author Theresa Cheung reimagines angel cards for a modern audience, enabling us to access their wisdom afresh. Simply pick a card for daily guidance, allow your energies to flow, and the angels will help you access what truly matters. (Now Available; $16.99)  
Period Power: Get Your Cycle Working for You
 – Track your cycle, get to know your hormones, and manage your health with these 48 cards designed make sense of the experiences and emotions that come with your menstrual cycle. (Now Available; $16.99) 
Crystal Astrology for Modern Life – Harness the energy of the stars with the healing power of crystals to create a deeper connection with yourself for a confident, empowered life. This 12-book series includes one book for each zodiac sign, each focused on unique crystal recommendations and personalized rituals to help you thrive throughout the astrological year. (Oct.; $11.99) 
Rituals for Life: A Guide to Creating Meaningful Rituals Inspired by Nature
 – Explore the essential components of rituals and how to use them to bring happiness and inner peace to your everyday life with this inspiring guide to a more intentional life, enriched by connection with nature. (Oct.; $19.99) 
The Box of Luck: 60 Cards to Attract Greater Fortune into Your Life
 – Invite more luck into your life or gift good fortune to a friend with this beautifully packaged boxed set of cards, complete with booklet and lucky fortunes. (Now Available; $16.99) 
Mind & Bowl: A Guide to Mindful Eating & Cooking – Reconnect with the nourishing power of food and discover simple recipes that will bring joy to every meal with this inspiring guide to mindful eating and cooking. (Now Available; $17.99)  

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