Art & Photography Aficionados

Creative gifts for the artists in your life.   

Artists on Art: How They See, Think & Create – Discover how the giants of the different artistic genres developed their distinctive visual styles through a carefully curated selection of quotations, images and interviews. (Now Available; $17.99)
Photographers on Photography: How They See, Think & Shoot
  Following the same format as Artists on Art, this insightful book profiles fifty distinguished visionaries from past and present that have pushed photography forward and continue to do so today. (Now Available; $17.99)
David Yarrow: How I Make Photographs
 – Learn from renowned fine art photographer and conservationist David Yarrow how he manages to create the most memorable photographs of our planet’s endangered species. (Now Available; $19.99) 
Art: Explained: 100 Masterpieces and What They Mean
 – Combining Susie Hodge’s knowledge and expertise with an accessible and engaging format, Art: Explained is a complete and direct guide to understanding 100 great masterpieces. (Now Available; $19.99)
Marina Abramović
 – An accessible, completely up-to-date, and expertly written introduction and overview of Marina Abramović's incredible life and prolific work. (Now Available; $19.99) 
The Street Photography Challenge: 50 Tips, Tricks and Ideas to Reinvent Your Photography
 – Explore new and exciting ideas for snapping great images in everyday environments with these 50 cards, each providing photographers with simple yet unique prompts for getting started in photography. (Oct.; $16.99) 

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