Animal Lovers

Make your holidays purr-fect with these gifts! 

Dog Day Out!: A Sharing Puzzle for Kids and Grownups – Melissa Lee Johnson's colorful illustration depicts dogs having the best day ever! This is an innovative new format in which puzzle pieces of two different sizes enable people of different ages or abilities to work collaboratively on the same jigsaw puzzle. (Now Available; $16.99) 
299 Fish (And a Diver): An Aquatic Cluster Puzzle – In this cunning cluster puzzle, there are no regular jigsaw shapes: each piece takes the outline of the fish itself. And there are 299 of them! Plus, a diver. See if you can find it! (Now Available; $21.99) 
 Dino Dash: A Jurassic Puzzle – This cluster puzzle fit for a younger audience includes 49 unique puzzle pieces, each in the shape of a dinosaur! Any dino-lover in your life will love this unique prehistoric challenge. (Oct.; $16.99) 
 A Book of Monkeys (and Other Primates) – From lemurs and tarsiers to gorillas and chimpanzees, A Book of Monkeys reveals the social lives of primates, their dining preferences and their grooming habits. If you want to be able to tell your chimp from your bonobo, A Book of Monkeys is the perfect book for you. (Oct.; $17.99) 
For the Love of Cats and For the Love of Dogs – Each of these beautifully packaged sets of 20 notecards and envelopes features artwork from The Book of Dog Poems and The Book of Cat Poems. Featuring the canine companions and feline friends inspired by the poems of William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, John Keats, Margaret Atwood, Oscar Wilde, and many others, alongside short quotations from their works on the back. (Now Available; $14.99) 

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